What is the Great Resignation? | 4 Ways to Retain Talent

Jan 16, 2023
Video transcript

The great resignation refers to the voluntary quitting of employees across the country while many attribute this Mass exit to the recent pandemic employment records show that the great resignation is the result of built up tension employee stress and changes in the work environment. So, how can you keep your best employees here are four ways to retain top talent to start compensation is one of the greatest factors in employee retention examine the median salary for each position at your organization. If your firm pays below the median, you should strongly consider boosting your top Achievers compensation packages from here show your employees you care and appreciate them as individuals examples include telling them how important they are to the company giving them more flexibility in their working arrangements and rewarding good performance with employee recognition programs. This has a tremendous effect on morale and productivity and ultimately it's more cost-effective to reward employees than to constantly Recruit new ones lastly. Be sure to offer Career Development opportunities demonstrate to workers that they have a future with your firm by assisting them in their career planning offer individualized training career planning seminars, soft skill workshops or work balance instruction to assist the employee with their future to retain All-Star workers in organization has to provide employees with a feeling of purpose inspiration and drive to perform as you strive to further grow. Your organization's company culture. Remember these key tips to keep your employee retention Sky High.