Being able to store documents on a platform you're using to apply for jobs is important. You will always want to have access to your cover letters, resumes, and other documents you may need to show hiring managers that you are qualified.

If you are applying to a job from your computer, you may have all the documents stored. However if you are on the go, having access to your important documents on Introview makes your job seeking experience much easier.

So be sure to upload your documents, set your default resume, and make your job seeking process more efficient.
Video transcript

How do I upload an access documents on my interview account? Since you will be applying to jobs on interview? It is vital that interview allows you to keep your resumes, cover, letters and other application. Essentials on hand, just navigate to your documents. If you are ready to upload something new, just press the upload new document button. Once you have it uploaded, it's good to go from this screen. You can delete a document, download it or set it as your default. You can also use and access your I uploaded documents while applying for a job. Once you've uploaded your video. Your default document will be recommended. If you want to change which document you use, you can either select a different documentation in your library or upload a new document.