Active Network, LLC
717 N Harwood St Ste 2500, Dallas, TX, 75201
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The Active Network offers a variety of integrated technology solutions, marketing services and online media properties to businesses. The company provides software tools that facilitate participation and help manage online registrations, reservations, payments, donations, memberships and fundraising campaigns. Its division, Active Marketing Group, is a digital media and marketing services firm that assists brands connect with active-minded consumers. The Active Network offers a variety of sampling, direct marketing, online advertising, field marketing, and market research and consultation solutions. The company operates several online communities that provide resources and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Active Network maintains various Web sites, including Active.com, ActiveEurope.com, LaxPower.com and FreeGolfInfo.com.

Job titles and positions at Active Network, LLC in Dallas, TX include:

Account Exec
Account Manager
Project Manager
Application Specialist
Product Manager
Senior Manager
Marketing Specialist
Visual Designer
Data Analyst

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Video transcript

what has written me really excited about working at the active network is not necessarily what's happening today but what we're building for the future you know the challenge of reasserting our brand as the leader in the space is incredibly exciting and to be honest it's fun I don't come to work for it to be easy I come to work to do something exceptional I like I do there are so many great products I started no teams and I stand up currents also there is a so created career that the culture I enjoy everything I do I like to look at one of the things that I find so exciting about active is we get the opportunity to take things from good to great pretty often a lot of times when you have an acquisition or a new company come in we get to work with them we have to touch a lot of different industries and hopefully get to take them to the next level use what already works and kind of bring in another level of expertise and you know hopefully just take that next step with them and kind of bring something new to their experience what keeps me excited about active is the challenging and fast-paced environment this is a place where you can truly take ownership of a project that makes an impact on the company's bottom line I also love the people that I get to work with there