Bank of America
750 3rd Ave, New York, NY, 10017
Aug 20, 2021
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Welcome to Bank of America in New York, NY, home to a variety of your financial needs including checking and savings accounts, online banking, mobile and text banking, student banking and credit cards. You have full access to your Bank of America accounts at any of our more than 5,000 banking centers nationwide. When you visit our financial centers, our knowledgeable associates and welcoming environment will make you feel at home.Easy access for everyone: Handicap accessible parking spaces, Handicap accessible restrooms and Braille signage (where available), Ramps in locations with steps, Easy-to-open doors, Handicap accessible safe deposit box rooms.

Job titles and positions at Bank of America in New York, NY include:

Relationship Banker
Relationship Manager
New York
Administrative Assistant

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Video transcript

when it comes to Bank of America and Technology I almost think of them as synonymous it's pretty much a tech firm that does financial services technology to bank you think why is it such a big deal honestly because that is the way all banks are going the apps that you use on your phone the mobile banking app online banking all of the things that the Bank of America offers we actually have these labs where people are just in there working on enabling these different technologies which is which i think is pretty cool there's opportunities for innovation in just about every sector every group every team in essence we aim to make their lives more efficient we aim to make their lives simpler when you get a big data set and in Excel and I'm learning how to build macros and kind of sort things out and they well how can I build this and see it in a way that others don't see it you can really deliver excellent solutions creative solutions a real opportunity to develop new things everything that you can do on your phone is just astounding and who knows what's next and we won't even need our phones at some point you know so we have the open source code base this is kind of a share of knowledge if you just sit there and write the code yourself you you never know if there is a not a better way to do this or not we do have what's called a red team which basically is internal hackers so they're trying to hack our network all day long we use