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Humana is one of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the industry. HumanaOne, once known primarily has an health insurer, has transformed itself into a complete individual product solutions company, offering health, dental, vision, life, and supplemental products including critical illness, cancer, final expense, hospital plans, and child life.

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Cloud Architect
Healthcare Specialist
Protection Engineer

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Video transcript

In 2015, when we first launched the Bold Goal,  we wanted to have a dream with a deadline and   an accountability that we were going to try  to make communities 20% healthier by 2020. It was more of an experiment. We're  focusing on very specific markets,   trying to learn the right kinds of techniques  and tactics and strategies within a market   that ultimately could produce  better health and more healthy days. You were recently out of the  hospital. How are you doing? Social determinants of health are  extremely important to members' health,   whether that be transportation to a doctor's  office or we don't have enough food in the   house or the electricity just got shut off. We  try to uncover those things to help members. Humana is really focused on building partnerships  with organizations that are committed to the same   mission that we are, those that are addressing  the health-related social needs of our members,   food and security and housing,  social isolation and loneliness,   connectivity to the resources that members  ultimately need in order to be healthy.   The biggest thing that we look for in a partner is  someone who is really focused on deeply engaging   and integrating and working on these tough issues  together. One of the things that I love about   our Humana partnership is that it started  with the Bold Goal. And that's exactly what   we've been doing ever since. We've been boldly  going out into communities. We have a deep,   not a transitional, but a deep and vast  relationship that cuts across our members.